Who will be Best for your Dissertation Work – Native English Language Writer or PhD Holder Professor?

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Who will be Best for your Dissertation Work – Native English Language Writer or PhD Holder Professor?

Are you a PhD or Master researcher? If yes, then you should consider certain points significantly before hiring an agency or writer for dissertation work. You have to decide whether to choose a only native English writer or PhD holder who is expert in your dissertation field. Well, a native English writer possesses knowledge in grammar and language but lacks the skill of using technical words or knowledge about your research topic or does not have technical expertise to elaborate the research work, needed for your dissertation topic. On the other hand, a PhD holder approaches the job in a professional manner and use language and tactics that are quite different from a native language writer.

In any dissertation or thesis work, research base work is significant because university dissertation committee and board is very particular about the quality and relevance of the work and approves the work only if it meets the guidelines specified by the committee. They check if the work is done uniquely and examine the quality as per the research norms. Thus, this could be the reason why a dissertation prepared by a native writer is being rejected by the university or needs repeated corrections. Hiring only a native English writer may end up in trouble because they will not have good knowledge in pure research base work and not capable to prepare research base work as per university guidelines. If you decide to choose them, you will end up wasting your time and money for correction and editing and finally get your dissertation rejected by the university. You can’t expect quality research work from a person who is only language familiar.

It is significant to check certain points before hiring an agency that claims a team of native writers who are expert in dissertation writing. Those points include;

The number of years of experience of the writer in the respective research field

A comprehensive plan to prepare the dissertation

Check whether the agency prepare the research work according to the supervisor perspective or based on the writer’s experience

Level of guidance and support provided by the agency on particular research work

Techniques to prepare work according to the supervisor’s perspective

Ability to understand the need of technical development of the dissertation

Ability to provide guidance on research and development

Technical and practical models and work of the dissertation

Check if they can provide purely research base work or a simple theory base work

Check how the agency will overcome the situation when the supervisor or university reject the dissertation

Ability to check the final work for university standards or supervisor norms

Must provide expert guidance and not only send writing materials alone.

Step by step support with technical guidance must be given with proof of authentic research apart from just sending materials to write

Check what the unique points they can develop in the dissertation.

Need to get unique research and development compared to current research.

Check for the proof and support that the agency can provide to guide.

Check if the agency can provide Live Guidance and supports on analysis – research, software and practical development.

In any Dissertation, a research student needs other services based on the topic, such as assistance for model development, product and stuffs research, technical analysis research, data analysis, software development, and help in making the unique research and the implementation of research papers and other write ups. A content or academic writer or a native language writer can’t deliver these services at premium quality.

A PhD student can get them only from a PhD holder professor and if they want to fulfill their aspirations with master guidance. Besides these services, a PhD holder professor can also provide students with online guidance, career counseling, and research guidance. Hence, when we compare the ability of a native language writer and PhD holder professor in preparing quality dissertation, we can conclude that native writers lack a lot in the area of research base work, which is significant for a candidate to complete his PhD and master degree.