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United Innovators is a Research & Development service provider, providing all the end to end services such as PhD thesis writing, research article writing with SCOPUS,SCI, Web of Science journal publications, PhD research proposal, end to end phd assistance and patent filing to the PhD scholars, academicians, faculties, students, universities, industrial experts etc. Being the pioneers in this scenario, our technical professional members have the ability to deliver the best for your academic papers in a most proficient manner.

With our team of highly qualified PhD Professors with research excellence, we guide you in all your paper works. United Innovators has skilled experts and consultants in all domains from research article writing, topic selection, research proposal writing , thesis writing to end to end Phd Assistance. Our efficient team of consultants will give you a high quality research article services, thesis writing services, publications services etc. United Innovators will provide you a best quality research work with a best world class research guidance

Technoarete Research And Development Association (TRADA), the parent organization of United Innovators is one of world's largest professional association registered under India Trust Act (1882) meant for research development and promotion in the field of Arts & Science, Engineering & Technology, Management, Medical Science, Life Science and Biological Science.

Technoarete group is the largest body of life science, medical and engineering Technology Professionals. More than 1,00,000 + members are associated with Tehnoarete. Technoarete Research and Development Association organizes scientific conferences & events, webinars, publish research articles and provides Research Assistance & Guidance to reduce the gap between curriculum and their practical implementation among students and research scholars.

United Innovators Pave the Way for you to succeed

If you are a skilled and gifted researcher with the burning desire to have a significant impact on society through your work but don't know where or how to begin, then the SDG objectives offer a clear path to follow. Comprised of 17 different global objectives, these SDG have been devised by the United Innovators Research Consultancy to serve as a "Blueprint to realize a better and more sustainable future for all mankind". This blueprint has been devised by focussing on the three primary mainstays of Sustainable Development, namely -

the Economy (having to do with profits),

the Environment (which pertains to the planet), and

the Social aspect (concerned with all people and their wellbeing).

All-Encompassing & Formidable Research Support and Assistance.

For those researchers that do choose to carry out their exploratory and analytical ventures with the intention of fulfilling these Sustainable Development Goals, the United Innovators Research Consultancy offers unparalleled assistance, aid, and guidance in doing so.

Right from writing research proposals and selecting germane research topics from one's domain that have been vastly unexplored, to undertaking/carrying out the research and obtaining undiscovered technology that is essential to the achieving of these SDGs, the United Innovators Research Consultancy offers full-scale assistance.

Whether you are an Engineer, Researcher, Scientist, Budding/Amateur Research Scholar, Post-Doctoral Fellow, or otherwise, you can rely on the United Innovators Research Consultancy for genuine, reliable and extensive professional supervision and academic support when it comes to carrying out your research project successfully and fulfilling all SDGs with ease!

The R & D consultation services that our experts here at the United Innovators Research Consultancy are second to none, and have been the backbone behind many of the Scientific, Engineering and Technological innovations of our time. Our consultants comprise of stalwarts across different specializations within Engineering, Science and Technology. With a membership base of over 14,000 professional consultants, you are sure to acquire an expert opinion and strategies on all facets of your research project, irrespective of how nuanced or niche a venture it may be.

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Get in touch with us, with your research proposal, today! We urge all those involved in Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Academic, and Professional research activities, to utilize our R&D consultancy services to the fullest. Choosing to do so will be the best decision you can make as far as achieving not just your intended goals but also those beyond your wildest imagination are concerned!

Mission & Vision

The mission of United Innovators is to stand for Industrial Revolution 4.0

United Innovator Stands for United Innovator

United Innovators is at the vanguard of the technological revolution that is heralding Industry 4.0, which will ultimately transform the way mankind lives, works and progresses to the next stage of human evolution!

You Too Can be a part of Revolution!

Join hands with us and help us help you achieve your research ambitions with our all-encompassing know-how, expertise, and intellectual capacities.

Wondering What the Significance of Industry 4.0 IS?

It is the phenomenon of technological change and evolution that will usher mankind into the next stage of advancement and development! Industry 4.0 has to do with every and all automation and data exchange trends that are revolutionizing technology and manufacturing processes as we know them.

Everything from -

The internet of things (IoT),

The industrial internet of things (IIoT),

Cyber-physical systems (CPS),

Smart factories & Smart Cities,

Cloud computing,

Cognitive computing, and

Artificial intelligence,

has to do with the fourth industrial revolution. Another major tech advancement that is helping usher in Industry 4.0 is digital twin technology that assists researchers in creating virtual simulations and obtaining real-time data of new processes, applications, and mechanisms, to help study them better.

Our Team

United Innovators has a team of fully prepared and experienced professors, research consultants, experts, data scientists and data analysts in all fields and domains especially in the field of engineering, pharma, medical science, Life Science, education, science & technology. Our team will guide and support every research scholars, professors, academicians and students those who need guidance in their PhD research works, Dissertation or thesis writing, research article writing, publications in reputed SCOPUS, SCI/ESCI indexed journals with proper attention and guidance to improve their skills and gain more knowledge in their respective fields.

Our team of experts are skilled professors with more than 15+ years of experience after PhD. We have our team of skilled experts diversified in all areas of research from all the field of engineering, life sciences, management, education etc. Our team was expertise in thesis writing and research paper writing.

Our team consists of professors, deans, directors, scientists, data collection experts, survey analysis experts to carry out the work process with appropriate development in all fields. We will assure you that your PhD research work, research paper and thesis will be guided and written by experts. We are providing quality work to make your career strong.