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Patent Filing

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Patent Filing

Filing a patent can be a highly complex and arduous process to not only carry out but to also comprehend. The intricacies of each stage of the patent filing process including -

verifying the patentability of your invention,

drafting a compelling patent application,

submitting the application to concerned authorities,

dealing with delays and necessary adjustments,

publishing the patent application,

requesting the examination of the patent application,

obtaining the final patent for your invention, and

renewing the patent for your invention,

make it a difficult undertaking not only for first-timers (who have no experience or knowledge of the process whatsoever) but also for veterans (who already have a number of patents to their name). This is where the expertise of United Innovators comes into play. We can help you acquire a patent for your invention in no time at all, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your career and research work.

To get the Patent filing services of UI

Invention Disclosure Form for Patent Filing
Invention Disclosure Form for Patent Filing
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