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Joint Supervisors

The job of a research consultant is hard enough having to shoulder the burden of the immense expectations of making groundbreaking discoveries and proficiently execute the responsibilities that go with it. Joint Supervisors often find themselves deprived of any time to plan, strategize and carefully execute the preparation of a research paper detailing their entire research work in a powerful and appealing manner, such that readers will be left thoroughly astounded. They often lead hectic lives, hardly ever finding the time to spare to perform necessary chores, and spend time with their family and loved ones.

We at United Innovators understand the busy lives that Joint Supervisors lead, which is why we have designed our services in such a manner that such professionals can benefit from them, by leaving the onus of having to -

find an intriguing research paper title,

structure and format a world-class research paper,

utilize the most appropriate style and tone of language,

offer citations to specific sections wherever necessary,

discover the best and most appropriate high-impact journals for a certain type of research study,

prepare a compelling abstract, cover letter and application to the chosen journal,

deal with the manuscript submission, reviewal and publication processes followed by the journal, and

secure the seamless and swift publication of a research paper or article.

Reach out to us at United Innovators right away. Talk to our team of experts and find out how our decades of all-round research paper publication experience will help you do your job easier and achieve the spotlight that you truly deserve for all your pioneering research work and findings.

Eligibility Criteria for Joint Supervisors - PhD Assistance

1. The Joint Supervisor should possess a Ph.D. degree in the relevant area of research in which he/she has carried out the research and the supervisorship will be awarded in the same faculty in which his/her Ph.D. degree is awarded.

2. The Joint Supervisor must possess minimum eight years experience after the completion of PhD.

3. The Joint Supervisor should have atleast five research publications in the regular issue of SCOPUS Indexed Journals, SCI Journals,refereed journals.

4. Regular Full time Professor shall have at least five publications to his/her credit.

5. Regular Full time Associate Professor shall have at least five publications to his/ her credit.

6. Regular Full time Assistant Professor shall have at least five publications to his/ her credit.

7. Among the number of papers mentioned, at least one of the papers should be published after the completion of his / her Ph.D programme.

8. Joint Supervisor must have sufficient knowledge and expertise in his area of research.

9. The Joint Supervisors must be an eminent Scholar recognized by one of the universities.

10. The applicant who fulfills the norms will be recognized as Joint Supervisor based on the approval of the United Innovators Research Board.

11. Any violation of Terms & Conditions of United Innovators by the Joint Supervisor shall lead to the withdrawal of the Joint supervisorship either permanently or for a maximum period of two years in the United Innovators.

To Join as Joint Supervisors of UI

3 + 8 =

Note: Plagiarism below – 15% for one category and below 10% for another category
Enhancement as per clients requirement – 2 to 5 times

Eligibility Criteria for Joint Supervisors - Research Article Writing

1. Good academic record with a Ph.D. Degree in the concerned/allied/relevant disciplines with a minimum of five years of experience of teaching and/or research in an academic/ research position .

2. A Master’s Degree with a minimum of eight years of experience of teaching and/or research in an academic/ research position equivalent

3. Must have atleast minimum five research publications in refereed Journals.