You can fill the enquiry form in the unitedinnovator.com website or make a call to the number in the website. Our team will contact you immediately to know your needs of assistance.

Depending on the type of assistance needed, we would connect you to the technical person/Joint Supervisor and the client can have an interaction/discussion to understand the duration of time for completion. It would also help the client and the technical person /Joint Supervisor to have a common ground of understanding.

United Innovators provide End to End PhD assistance from the suggestion of universities, selection of research topic, research proposal, synopsis preparation, research methodology, literature review, Research article writing & Publication Assistance, Thesis writing, Proof reading & Editing.We also provide assistance in facing the doctoral committee, PPT preparation and data analysis services as well.

We provide research article writing service in SCOPUS, SCI, UGC publication Standard in all areas and domains ranging from engineering, science, Arts Management, Literature, Economics, Sociology, psychology to mention a few. We provide full technical content prepared by professionals and we also assist in publishing in International journals like Scopus, Web of Science etc.

When we are giving a completed research article or thesis work to the client, we check the content for Plagiarism, generate a report and share it to the client.

If there is a specific requirement we also do assistance on data collection services.

Yes we do. If the data is given we can analyze, interpret and give it to clients.

Yes we do provide it. If the content is shared by client we assist with proof reading & editing, language, grammar, typographical error checking, page alignment services as well.

United Innovators will suggest 3 to 5 topics in your area of research.

Generally, it is 2500 words, if there are some specific guidelines related to it. Word limit can easily be reduced or increased.

The chapters included in the thesis are Chapter introduction, Literature Review, Research methodology, Results/Findings/Data Analysis, Discussion, Summary and Conclusion, References, Appendix. We shall develop all these chapters.

Usually the length of PhD thesis varies from 100-150 pages, however it could go till 250-300 pages according to the requirement.

Yes, pages can easily be added according to the university guidelines, but the client needs to pay extra payment.

It is all upto the scholar. If the scholar has, he/she can share, otherwise our experts will arrange.

Our writers shall write all chapters originally and there shall be no plagiarism, however, due to some match of technical words, phrases of definitions, we guarantee less than 15% plagiarism.

Yes, usually, it is advised to write the literature review even before a proposal or synopsis is developed as developing this chapter helps in identifying the correct research gap.

Joint Supervisors who will work on your research shall provide reasoning for every aspect of research design. In case of more questions, you can also connect with the Joint supervisors over call.

Yes, assistance is provided by our expert for data collection whether it's qualitative or quantitative.

Our experts have exceptional knowledge and they consider every corner of your research important. While we can’t guarantee you the approval, we guarantee you that the changes will be made as per the requirements.

Our Joint supervisors who are expertise with best knowledge of your research topic, field and area will be writing the research methodology for your research.

The number of questions will be decided on the basis of the aims and objectives of your research. Our expert will develop both close ended and open ended questionnaires depending upon the objectives and the methodology of the study, or even a mixed questionnaire, if needed.

United Innovator will allocate only highly qualified and experienced Joint Supervisor on your research area. You can read his work history or talk to him to know about his experience and professionalism.

Data collection method completely depends on your research.

One of our Joint Supervisor who excels in the field in which you are working will help you to select the base papers for your study.

The number of base papers will be decided on the basis of your doctoral research. If there will be some pre-decided guidelines from your university, do let us know our expert will work according to that.

Our expert will decide the tool suitable for the implementation phase as per the domain you are working in. Like most simulations are done using Matlab, however, depending on the area of your research, we shall suggest the correct software. For Mechanical and Civil simulations, the most popular software is Ansys, while for Antenna design, HFSS or CST is used. NS and NS3 is popular for network simulations.

United Innovators have good technical team with brilliant coders in all areas and domains who know the implementation of the software and have an understanding of the software. These developers will be assigned to you as per the area of your doctoral research and the knowledge of the software.

Yes, you can discuss it with our experts and they will work with that in mind.

Our experts prefer to do the proofreading manually because we can’t rely on the software. However, if you want us to use the technology, we will use the software.

Yes, our expert will recheck it if you are not happy with the work. Our linguistic experts will look into the grammar, punctuation, and syntax of the language.

Yes, you can share your ideas with our expert any time. Our team offers the service of 24*7 email.

Yes, our expert will write as per the journal standards and requirements as laid out in their author guidelines.

Yes, our subject matter expert can help you and prepare you for the defence.

Our expert will make the PPT so that it could be presented in 20 minutes. The number of slides will be decided mutually by the author and the academician, depending upon the research work.

Yes, we have experts working in our team, who will surely provide you with the guidelines related to your defence and keep you anxious free.

Yes, you can sit back and relax but keep in mind that you don’t give a long gap in between. While most of the Universities provide you with the defence date, try to be available on that date.

If your doctoral research gets rejected, you can come to us anytime and our trained experts will work on it with full dedication. You will be well prepared for another shot and the improvements will be made in your thesis.