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The Differences between Review Paper and Research Paper

Review Paper

Reviews are universal, and can focus on a whole range of media, including software, books, and articles in journals and magazines. The term “review paper” refers to a survey of Recently Published Research Paper on a particular subject. If you take the example of ecology in the 21st century, it is obvious that many scholarly Research Paper on the subject exist. Perhaps you wish to write a review paper on an aspect of ecology. In order to do so successfully, you need to know what others have thought and written on the subject, particularly in recent times. The Research Paper you study should provide references and materials to work with.

Do not contain original research

Shed light upon the research of other scholars

Communicate knowledge that already exists

Review Paper can be extremely exhaustive and stimulating and whet the appetite for undertaking research by presenting challenging materials. A major advantage is that the review paper summarizes all the relevant literature on the subject, which prevents you from having to read through lots of Research Paper.

Writing a Standard Review Paper

Write a powerful introduction with accurate background information. In the body, include results from recent Research Paper and comment on the value of the knowledge. Point out the methods undertaken, describe the figures and tables used, and state the controversies that arise. Summarize and discuss the information gathered, and explain their significance. End with a list of references.

Research Paper

When you partake in an original investigation, for example a study of the prevalence of substance abuse in a particular community, the findings should be presented in a research paper. The analysis, evidence and conclusions that are reached are essential components of such papers. A literature review section also constitutes an important section. A research paper seeks to answer a research question and includes a hypothesis, resources needed, methods followed and a conclusion.It also needs to highlight potential future avenues for research. Formats for Research Paper are generally similar across subjects and institutions but would vary from region to region according to the patterns laid down by the educational authorities.

In terms of intellectual rigor, scholarship and analysis skills, Review Paper and Research Paper are quite different. Research Paper require a greater amount of labor, a stronger purpose and larger degree of direction in order for them to be meaningful. In principle, the review paper simply parrots what other researchers have established via a variety of research methods. Review Paper do not uncover any new knowledge though they can still be extremely enlightening.

Research Paper are unique and unlike any other published work, the results being based on experiments using software and methods that are commonly associated with computer science. Researching literature and management sciences requires SPSS software to collect and analyze data Medical, physics, chemistry and life sciences research requires analysis based on authentic experimentation.

The Essential Format of Research Paper

Research Paper needs a powerful but simple title

The abstract often makes or kills the research paper

Time and effort needs to be dedicated to crafting the abstract

The introduction should comprise 25% of the manuscript

Conclusions state the importance of new findings

The title captures the essence of the paper, and should be easily understood. The motivation and preliminaries may decide whether the research paper is effective. Conclusions add new to the existing base of research.