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PhD Research Assistance & Guidance

We at United Innovators offer comprehensive Phd Thesis Writing Services and assistance to those pursuing their PhDs in successfully getting their research work published. Our assistance constitutes everything from selecting a research topic (of significance) and delivering an outstanding viva-voce examination, to the publication of the research work itself, and everything in between.

1. Registering With Us

If you are someone who is seeking Phd Consultancy Services in all facets of your Ph.D. work our assistance in all facets of your Ph.D. work and research publication, you can do so by first registering with us. This will help us ascertain what you’re exact requirement is and how we at United Innovators can assist you.

2. Suggesting The Best University & Mentor As Per The Chosen Research Topics

After taking into account your requirements as well as your chosen research topic, United Innovators will then proceed to recommend the aptest University to help you successfully obtain your Ph.D. and carry out your research in the easiest and most fulfilling manner possible. If need be, we can also recommend an experienced Mentor/Guide (a professional from our database of Mentors/Guides, possessing the most relevant expertise) who will serve as a guide you with our Phd Assistance Services

3. Selecting A Research Topic Of Significance & Gravitas

Choosing a research topic of practicality in terms of addressing and resolving modern-day challenges is imperative to carrying out your Ph.D. successfully. We at United Innovators can assist you in jotting down all your intentions, plans, and ideas, in the form of a ‘Topic Suggestion’ document. We will then apply our expertise to the insights gleaned from this document, and compose a suitable research topic. We will then proceed with the selection of a base paper. That is how our Phd Research Paper Writing Services works.

In essence, this process involves -

ascertaining what your strengths and interests are,

offering you a condensed perspective of all the latest developments in your subject,

assisting you in finalizing an area of interest (that you are passionate about carrying out your Ph.D. research in) within this subject,

providing you with distinguished research papers containing pioneering insights and findings, so that you may get any one of these approved as a ‘Base Paper’ by your Mentor/Guide.

recommending five of the choicest research topics within your area of interest (which was determined previously), so that you may get any one of these approved as your ‘Research Topic’ by your Mentor/Guide.

4. Research Proposal Development

When it comes to the articulation, devising and recommending of a distinct research topic, you can rely on United Innovators. By carefully assessing your intentions, interests, and ideas, our experts will help you come up with an unequivocal and solid ‘Research Proposal’. Aside from explicitly stating the practical methodologies applicable in carrying out research (for the chosen research topic), as well as framing the intended workflow (with pertinent references), in the ‘Research Proposal’, United Innovators will also persist in assisting with all required revisions to the ‘Research Proposal’ until it is accepted by your Mentor/Guide.

5. Synopsis Preparation

Upon the approval of the research proposal by your Mentor/Guide, United Innovators will furnish you with a ‘Synopsis Report’. Additionally, you will also be equipped with -

a PPT, which will help you deliver a top-notch presentation of your ‘Research Proposal’,

key talking points for the presentation, relevant data, and information, as well as

essential know-how to handle subsequent queries and discussions proficiently.

United Innovators will then proceed to make all necessary revisions to the ‘Research Proposal’ on the basis of any comments, suggestions, and queries that may have arisen as a result of the presentation.

6. Undertaking A Literature Survey

obtaining the most recent research papers pertinent to your chosen 'Research Topic', containing the most groundbreaking research outcomes and insights;

carrying out a systematic assessment of all the literature accumulated by analyzing, appraising, as well as adapting and transmuting it to suit your own research work;

acquiring the opinions of professionals on the data and insights gathered, and then applying this information to bettering t

research work further, so that the end result may be nothing short of exemplary;

taking cognizance of all these facts and consolidating them in the form of an all-inclusive 'Survey Paper';

communicating this 'Survey Paper' to numerous International Scopus journals and publications of global repute (upon the acceptance of which, any applicable publication charges will have to be borne by the candidate and paid in full).

7. Identifying The Problem & Preparing A Problem Statement

One of the most crucial parts of the entire Ph.D. research process involves identifying and composing the 'Problem Statement'. This has to do with determining what challenge(s) the research study hopes to resolve through its outcomes and findings. Candidates should begin contemplating and pondering about what this research problem should be even before they proceed with the literature review process.

Essentially, the 'Problem Statement' is a brief summary of the phenomenon/phenomena that the research aims to analyze and investigate. The 'Problem Statement' must also offer insight into -

why the investigation of this phenomenon is important,

the challenge(s) that are currently being faced as a result of the lack of research in this area, and

how any findings accrued from this research will hope to solve the challenge(s).

You can rest assured that we at United Innovators will assist you throughout the way, in identifying a distinctive and noteworthy problem for your Ph.D. research as well as preparing a compelling 'Problem Statement'.

8. Technical Implementation

After taking your input and several other factors surrounding the nature of your research into consideration, we will help you decide upon the most suitable simulator for your research work. Upon choosing a simulator, United Innovators will proceed to resolve the challenges posed by the 'Base Paper' and verify its outcomes with those obtained from the simulator. Our experts will then map out a completely 'Novel Research Methodology', based on which outcomes for the challenges posed in 'Base Paper' will be obtained from the simulator. The outcomes gleaned from the implementation of the 'Novel Research Methodology' will then be compared with those of the 'Base Paper'.

9. Research Article writing & Publication Assistance

When it comes to writing a research article, several factors such as -

paying attention to the format commonly followed by researchers involved in the same discipline,

following any guidelines specified by authorities in charge of vetting research articles within the discipline,

offering citations (wherever applicable) to certain sections of the research article,

making sure to follow only the proposed research methodologies and not waver from them,

ensuring that all relevant data for the insights and findings accrued are specified within the research article,

are all incredibly vital. United Innovators takes the burden of complying with all these factors off your shoulders, by offering expert assistance in planning, formatting, and writing a world-class research article.

As far as seeking the publication of research articles is concerned, things can get pretty dicey with having to -

● find a journal or publication which has a high-impact factor, and that is indexed by leading journal indexing databases such as SCI, Scopus, UGC, etc,

● determine which of these journals and publications is the most suitable for your research article to be published in,

● prepare a compelling ‘Research Abstract’, and ‘Cover Letter’, such that your application or request for article publication is easily and swiftly accepted by the publication authorities,

● deal effectively with the reviewing committee of the journal and making all necessary changes to your article (as suggested by the recommendations of the reviewing committee), and

● ensure that your research paper is published without any delays.

You can rely on United Innovators to make sure that your research article is accepted for publication at highly-reputed International Scopus indexed journals specializing in the latest research studies within your discipline, and also published without any delays and interruptions whatsoever.

10. Dissertation or Thesis writing

Thesis writing involves -

planning the structure of the thesis,

formatting all the chapters such that they comply with formatting guidelines,

ensuring that the tone of the language is powerful and effective, as well as,

securing fluidity in the flow of chapters, amongst other things.

Thesis writing is often considered a laborious and daunting process by most Ph.D. candidates. It is also the stage at which many candidates stumble and fail to accomplish successfully. United Innovators carries this burden for you and ensures that you have a world-class thesis is intriguing, powerful, and engaging while involving you in the entire process, so that your overall vision and creativity are implemented and incorporated throughout. We also see to it that the thesis meets the standards set forth by the University that you are affiliated with, by managing the revision, reviewal processes as well as adhering to any and all academic language, tone, and formatting guidelines specified by it. By the end of this process, you will be furnished with anywhere from 100 to 200 pages of a world-class thesis, planned, formatted, and written with professional expertise and the utmost care.

Every Thesis will comprise -

● A Complete 'Dissertation Title',

● An 'Introduction',

● The 'Aim & Overall Objective/Hypotheses',

● The 'Literature' Section,

● A Detailed 'Research Methodology' Section,

● A 'Result/Findings/Data Analysis' Section,

● The 'Discussion' Section,

● A 'Summary',

● A 'Conclusion',

● A 'References' Section, and

● An 'Appendix'

11. Proof-Reading & Editing

Both proofreading and editing are vital to the process of refining a thesis as much as possible until it meets the high standards of your chosen University. This requires a keen eye and attention to detail, which most Ph.D. candidates find difficult to achieve. Luckily, with the assistance of expert proofreaders at United Innovators, who possess decades of experience in editing Ph.D. theses, you can rest assured that your research paper will be free of all errors in no time at all. Not only does our team of proofreaders at United Innovators ensure that your thesis is free of all errors, but they also see to it that all aspects right from the formatting and tone of language to the grammar and readability, are all top-notch. This guarantees the instant and hassle-free approval of your research thesis. The overall objective of our team of proofreaders is not just to identify and edit out mistakes, but to also elevate the quality of the thesis as much as possible.

At United Innovators, our team of proofreaders works by -

firstly Proofreading the entire thesis,

carrying out a Decipherability Check,

undertaking an Edifice Check,

checking for any potential Plagiarism,

undertaking comprehensive and thorough Language & Grammar Recheck (carried out by language experts),

editing the thesis according to the comments and suggestions of your Mentor/Guide, and lastly,

editing the entire thesis to ensure complete compliance with all norms set forth by your University.

12. Pre-Defense Preparation

You will receive extensive professional supervision from the United Innovators team, on all the technical and oratory aspects of delivering a highly engaging and gripping presentation of the research work that you have carried out for your thesis. This preparation will be the key to acing your final PPT presentation and securing the highest possible Grade/Marks. You will also receive guidance and assistance in -

responding to,

dealing with, and


all of the minor and major corrections that may be suggested by the panel of experts reviewing your presentation before your final defense.

13. Final Defense Preparation

Total and unwavering confidence is integral for a Ph.D. candidate to be able to deliver their final PPT presentation triumphantly. The advanced technical and oratory assistance that you will receive from the United Innovators team will help you build your confidence and clear any doubts or apprehensions that you might have about the process. As a result of this guidance, you will go into your final presentation feeling completely confident about -

the significance and integrity of your research work,

the quality of your thesis, and

your presentation abilities.

14. Post Defense Correction Facility

Most Ph.D. candidates are under the impression that the 'Viva Voce' process is the conclusion of their entire doctoral program, immediately after which they can procure their Ph.D. This is, however, not the case. What happens most often is that the outcome of the 'Viva Voce' process takes an extra three to six months of work in the form of making revisions such as -

typo corrections,

rewriting certain chapters, or

writing and adding extra chapters to the thesis.

With United Innovators, you can rest assured that we will assist you all through the way - until you complete the Post Defense Correction process successfully.

15. Final research paper of the whole work will be prepared for SCI journal

If need be, we at United Innovators can assist you in converting your Ph.D. thesis into a suitable research paper that meets the standards of publication set forth by world-class SCI-indexed journals. Right from identifying and applying to a globally reputed SCI journal with a high-impact factor, to dealing with the reviewal and publication processes, United Innovators can offer extensive assistance if desired.

16. Facility to provide Patent and Research Proposal in your Ph.D. research area

Interested in patenting the outcomes and findings gleaned from the research work you carried out for your Ph.D. thesis? Then, you will be delighted to know that we at United Innovators can help you every step of the way in securing a patent for your incredible inventions. You can leave the hassle of dealing with the procurement of patents for your inventions to us! Over the years, our team has managed to successfully and seamlessly acquire hundreds if not thousands of patents for our clientele, across all disciplines and industries.

If you’re worried about preparing a research proposal that is enthralling enough to convince all the members of the reviewing committee (in charge of vetting research proposals) that it merits looking into and further investigation, don’t be! With the expert support that we offer at United Innovators, your research proposal is guaranteed to be nothing short of utterly captivating, resulting in it being approved swiftly, without you having to suffer or put up with any hiccups or delays.