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7 Points to Cross Check before Ordering PhD Thesis Writing Services?

A PhD is highly coveted as a gateway to lucrative positions of prestige and responsibility. While numerous graduates and postgraduates abound, doctorates are few in comparison. If you need to get so many assignments ready on time during the PhD, it turns out to be a big challenge, especially for the working scholars. The online writing industry portals do help out with timely solutions, but can they be really trusted with the academic work?

1. Is it possible to deliver quote without study work ?

Amidst widespread copy and paste, it is easy to replicate thousands of pages of scholarly work that already exists online or in print! When you order for your thesis writing, charges are based on the number of pages, according to the stated company rates. That does not seem to be justified because research base writing work or PhD thesis or any research papers are not commodities like electronic goods that are bought and sold in the shops. Such an approach is absolutely unethical and research material is probably being unauthenticated. Cosmetic changes and adjustments make sure that they are not technically second hand. The University & colleges require Research base writing work, Since each PhD Thesis work needs to be unique and represent the new knowledge development that leads to an innovative conclusion, the borrowed approach is not proper.

2. Research work is submitted in an instant !

Writing portals are experts at delivering research papers within a very short period. Depending up on the subject area, research requires:


Numerous references – ( latest references )




Data Analysis

An arguable and justified conclusion

Quality work demands ample time and days are often spent by scholars in getting the materials together. Some of the writing portals adopt short cuts and work with ready-made materials from their intensive database. Otherwise, is it humanly possible to carry out complicated research procedures within a few days or hours? Portals have their tricks and are familiar with lots of research topics. They seem to be doing a convenient copy and paste task or rephrase the words.

3. Do writing portals contain so many subject experts ?

Can a few expert writers handle all the subject areas really well? PhD standards are high and good grades would make a difference to students’ lives. In the field of medicine like in any other, there exists vast specialization nowadays. An eye specialist certainly cannot help with kidney problems, cancer or joint replacement procedures. The writing portal needs to have enough experts across the spectrum in the sciences, engineering, management, medical, humanities, law, commerce – as per requirement of topic, subjects. Each of the disciplines and topics requires a different set of rules, criteria, theories and approaches. Quality work can be delivered by genuine field and topic experts alone.

4. The claim of access to experienced native writers ?

Native speakers and writers may deliver quality English standards, but research is so much more than excellent language. Besides specific subject areas like computer science, electrical, management, medical, pharmacy, physics and others, only doctorate degree holders know the truth of the hard work involved. If the writers do not possess PhDs themselves with respective field – topic, how can they deliver quality work? Do the writing portals have Each Field and Topic PhDs Experts among their staff?

5. Writers working 24/7 !

When the portals offer services round the clock, seven days a week, it reminds of police stations and hospitals. Is it physically possible that writers would be available all the time to attend to writing problems with the thesis? Advertising gimmicks are used to sell almost every product nowadays and many lies are told to promote sales.

6. Focus on research needed rather than filling pages !

Newspapers and television stations need to find content and stories to fill up pages and broadcasting time. The emphasis should be on genuine research rather than the mundane task of filling up research pages to earn money. A dedication to knowledge is required.

7. Full Payment in advance is required ?

Though they promise every follow-up action like rewriting several times as needed, writing portals demand full payments in advance. That may be a risk, but, being professionals, they should be able to deliver quality writing from authentic sources on time. Meanwhile Full payment advance may not comfort in 90% cases and not at all require in some cases.

If the 7 factors are carefully considered and implemented, and pitfalls are guarded against, quality research writing may be successfully accomplished.