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The key to benefitting from international conference attendance is to participate in the best events. Our list is carefully curated to include the best events in every major discipline and even niche sub-disciplines. It's updated regularly so that you can find out the best events happening right now, as well as when future dates are released by organizers.

The Key To Benefitting From Conference Attendance Is To Participate In The Best Events

You should only attend high-quality conferences that are organized by reputable conference organizers. All our partnering organizations are known for organizing high-quality events. Most other conferences that aren't organized by these organizations are probably not worth attending. We only work with event organizers who are committed to creating the best possible experience for their attendees as well as high-impact journal publication opportunities. In addition, we only partner with organizations that have a proven track record for delivering phenomenal conferencing experiences. We carefully screen all potential partners and only work with those who we believe are capable of organizing outstanding, memorable events.

Our List Is Carefully Curated To Include The Best Events In Every Major Discipline & Even Niche Sub Disciplines We've taken into account a wide range of criteria when selecting these events, including:

  • ● The quality of content provided by organizers and attendees;
  • ● The reputation of their organizing bodies (and whether they have an excellent trackrecord); and
  • ● The quality of their attendee experience at past conferences.

We've also done our best to make sure that the events we include are - well organized, with clear communication and a great attendee experience; appropriate for those looking to build their skills in a specific area (with high-quality content)

If you want to maximize your upcoming conference attendance, you need to go beyond the traditional means of identifying the right events and registering for them. We at United Innovators firmly believe that international conferencing is one of the pillars of academic and scientific progress which is why we go through the trouble of putting together and maintaining this list for the benefit of all worldwide. So if you're on the hunt for something that caters specifically to your interests or needs, then look no further than the conference listing on this very page.